[drɒp] verb I
1) [T] to let something fall
The box was so heavy I almost dropped it.[/ex]
The children were dropping stones off the bridge.[/ex]
He dropped a few coins into my hand.[/ex]
2) to fall
She took off her jacket and let it drop to the floor.[/ex]
Everyone cheered as the ball dropped into the hole.[/ex]
Teresa dropped into the chair, exhausted.[/ex]
3) [I/T] to reduce the amount or rate of something, or to fall to a lower amount or rate
We had to drop the price of our house to sell it.[/ex]
Be sure to drop your speed in wet weather.[/ex]
In winter the temperature often drops below freezing.[/ex]
4) [T] to take someone to a place in a car
I'm driving into town – can I drop you somewhere?[/ex]
Can you drop me at the corner of the street?[/ex]
5) [T] to take something to a place and not stay there very long
Can you drop these magazines at Nora's house?[/ex]
6) [T] to stop doing something
In Year 10 you can drop geography or history.[/ex]
He told me to drop everything and come over straight away.[/ex]
To her relief, Julius dropped the subject (= stopped talking about it).[/ex]
7) [T] to not include something or someone
Rogers has been dropped from the team because of a knee injury.[/ex]
8) [I/T] if you drop your voice, or if your voice drops, you speak less loudly
drop deadinformal to die suddenly and unexpectedly[/ex]
[i]He dropped dead of a heart attack.[/ex]
dropa hint / hints — to say something in an indirect way[/ex]
drop sb a line / note — to write a short letter to someone[/ex]
fly II
- drop back
- drop behind
- drop by
- drop sb off
- drop off
- drop sth off
- drop out
[C] drop */[drɒp]
1) a very small amount of liquid with a round shape
a tear drop[/ex]
There were drops of blood on his arm.[/ex]
2) a fall in the amount or value of something
The company announced a 15% drop in profits.[/ex]
There was a sharp drop in temperature during the night.[/ex]
3) a distance down to the ground from a high place
At the edge of the cliff is a 100-metre drop.[/ex]
at the drop of a hat — immediately[/ex]
a drop in the ocean — a very small amount that will not have much effect[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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